open call

sym myt zyk
09.07 - 31.07.22

lessons & parables
20.11 - 12.12.21

dictionary of dullness
25.09 - 17.10.21

food field assemblies
17.07 - 05.09.21

burble, gurgle, splash
17.04 - 30.05.21

dark passages
14.11.20 (online talk)

oops a daisy!
24.10 - 15.11.20
With the support from Stadt Dietikon
with Samrat Banerjee & Stefanie Knobel, Adrien Chevalley, Maya Hottarek & Julian Zehnder, Josef Staub

curated by Dietikon Projektraum

Dietikon Projektraum is pleased to invite you to sym myt zyk — an understory, an exhibition which springs from the fertile soils of the forest and the hidden stories of the undergrowth that trigger thoughts about connectivity, interdependencies and cyclic thinking.

public walk through the Honeret forest
with the Holzkorporation Dietikon, the forester Felix Holenstein, and the artists Samrat Banerjee and Stefanie Knobel

when: Friday, 22.7. at 14 h
meeting point: Forsthaus in Honeret forest Dietikon
duration: ca 1 hour
costs: the walk is for free - come by and join us